The superb effect with every single use

Discover spectacular lash volume, look alluring and get your boldest look ever thanks to Lashcode products!

The superb effect with every single use


Full, long, perfectly-separated and lovely-looking lashes


Eyelash care and make-up with the best blend of ingredients


Intensive care and shockingly long-wearing make-up in a flash


Best products For eyelash care and make-up

Lashcode products give a superb effect and nourishing care for your eyelashes. Make your lashes grow long and thick fast using a professional eyelash serum and define your beauty with an exceptional mascara which conditions, strengthens and beautifies. They are a perfect match to your flawless look.



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Lashcode mascara

Lashcode mascara

Eyelash care and make-up

Lashcode mascara does not only guarantee flawless, long-lasting make-up without clumps and smudges, it also cares for eyelashes like no other mascara, conditioning and strengthening them for maximum volume. Choose Lashcode mascara for mesmerizing make-up!

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Lashcode mascara
Lashcode eyelash serum

Lashcode eyelash serum

Eyelash repair and growth

Lashcode eyelash serum envelopes lashes with a deeply-conditioning formula, taking care of them every day. It nourishes, repairs and strengthens from within to stimulate faster growth so you can boast long, thick and full lashes that do not fall out in excess. Choose eyelash care with Lashcode and get a gorgeous look!

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Did you know…

… Lashcode uses a unique lash and hair features called sorption which has the ability to absorb substances. Thanks to this, all the conditioning substances in the Lashcode mascara and serum reach into the inner structures of eyelashes. The mascara strengthens their whole length while the serum enhances and stimulates the follicles. Day by day, your eyelashes are revived, meaning they grow longer, thicker and better-looking! Choose Lashcode for nourishing eyelash care and make-up.


Made for women Recommended by women

Happy users worldwide swear by Lashcode mascara and serum. Bloggers, vloggers and make-up artists recommend our products. Regardless of age, lifestyle, or character, women love Lashcode because they trust that the products give both a stunning lash look and dependable eyelash care.

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FAQ What
you need to know
What should I choose for the best eyelash care: Lashcode mascara or serum?
Ideally, use both products because they complement each other. Lashcode mascara is the only mascara that has a perfect balance of natural lash-conditioning and nourishing ingredients, including Wheat Germ Extract, Baicalein, Soy Germ Extract, Arginine, Panthenol and Vitamin E. However, Lashcode eyelash serum is designed to provide greater conditioning. It thickens and extends lashes for a bold look faster and more effectively.
Can contact lens wearers use Lashcode?
Both Lashcode mascara and serum are suitable for contact lens wearers. Use them worryfree - the formulas have been thoroughly tested by our experts.
My eyes are extremely sensitive. Can I use Lashcode?
Lashcode formulas are very gentle and soothing for the lashes and delicate skin around the eye. All Lashcode products are mild and safe to use.
How long do they take to ship?
The product is delivered by a courier company, which usually takes two business days. However, the delivery time may be longer in special circumstances.
Can I place an order if I live abroad?
Yes, we ship Lashcode products not only to the United States, but also to many other countries around the world. The shipping cost and estimated delivery time depends on the country of delivery. If necessary, select the appropriate language version for your country by clicking the flag button in the website menu bar or select it from the list of countries on the order page.
How can I pay?
You can pay quickly and safely using a bank transfer or card, choosing one of the available online payment providers. Your products will be shipped within 24 hours after the transfer is finalized in our account. You can also choose the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option which means the products are shipped right after you have placed the order and you give the amount due to the courier while receiving the package.
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